Past Participants

This section features details of the hottest startups and SMEs ready to shape the future of IoT.

Past Participants Stories

VRM Technology

Social Housing • VRM Technology VRM Tech was founded in 2012 by an expert team with over 60 years’ experience from the architectural, construction, energy and software industries. Utilising cloud-based and mobile technologies, VRM’s solutions provide an objective view of assets in a structured, auditable and real-time environment. VRM’s CLARITY innovative software, hosted in London […]

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Social Housing • Tendertec Tendertec harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to develop new technologies that safeguard the independence of seniors. ‌ Tendertec is a hardware-enabled AI company supported by the Welsh Assembly Government. By embracing the power of Human Centred Design and harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, our vision is to reimagine every […]

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Social Housing• Independent Living • Radbot Radbot is a smart, low cost Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). Radbot is a fit-and-forget replacement for your existing TRVs and offers a financial payback of one to two years. It does this by only heating rooms when they are being used, using machine learning and Internet of Things technologies, […]

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Smart Bin

Social Housing • Cefriel Cefriel is a digital innovation and design shop, based in Milan, London, and New York. Since 1988 we have helped companies grow by adopting technologies to create, rethink or improve their processes, products, and services. Our team of over 130 talents has a unique mix of technology, design and business competencies. […]

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