Partnership with TTN

Digital Catapult joins forces with The Things Network expanding UK LPWAN coverage

New partnership announced creating the UK’s largest LPWAN network deployment and innovation community.

Digital Catapult’s Things Connected initiative has partnered with The Things Network (TTN). This collaboration brings together two well-established initiatives in the UK, creating Britain’s largest free-to-use LoRaWAN network and innovation community.

UK innovators will now be able to develop and build Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on a network of over 400 base stations across the country. It brings together the existing Things Connected regions (London, North-East, and Northern Ireland) and the 63 local TTN communities with over 700 members and 250 gateways. Things Connected innovation programmes are now more accessible and inclusive to UK entrepreneurs no matter where they’re based.

LPWAN wireless networks such as LoRaWAN and SigFox are designed to allow connected devices such as sensors to communicate small amounts of data over large distances using tiny amounts of power. They enable new, disruptive smart services and solutions in areas such as digital manufacturing, smart cities, health and social care. These remote sensors or actuators can run for many years on a single battery, located many miles from network gateway.

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