Smart Bin

Connected bins for smarter cities and smarter offices, able to transmit their status of filling in real-time, to optimise collection and reduce costs

Social Housing • Cefriel

Cefriel is a digital innovation and design shop, based in Milan, London, and New York. Since 1988 we have helped companies grow by adopting technologies to create, rethink or improve their processes, products, and services.

Our team of over 130 talents has a unique mix of technology, design and business competencies. Cefriel can support the entire innovation lifecycle: from injecting or helping discover new ideas, to designing and developing prototypes and products, till the launch on the market. Our skills cover innovation strategy/management, Web/Mobile/Wearables, AR/VR, API Ecosystems and IoT.

The project aims to connect the existing Cefriel smart bin platform with the Connected Things LoRaWAN network. The product, currently in the prototyping phase, is based on the Cefriel IoT Toolkit and applies a patented solution to detect the status of filling of the bin, built on capacitive sensors. The bin continuously measures the level of filling and transmits the data to the backend, where data from all bins is integrated with algorithms to optimise the collection of litter: alerting operators of an unexpected level of filling or optimising the routes of collection trucks. The measurement solution can be applied to multiple form-factors and sizes of the bin.

The concept is being applied to the smart cities scenario for public litter bins, and to the hygiene services industry for office bins.

Thanks to the integration with the LoRaWAN network, the product will be more easily applicable to new markets and new scenarios.



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